Abgeschlossene Dissertationen


  • Amin Assadi: Safety in Mixed Traffic Environment
  • Daniel Adelberger: A Virtual Co-Driver for Improved Driving Safety on Country Roads
  • Florian Meier: Integrated HEV control for optimal RDE performance at low ambient temperatures
  • Gunda Singer: Influence of Traffic Context on ADAS Performance


  • Junpeng Deng: V2X-Based HEV Energy Management Using Cloud Communication


  • Patrick Schrangl: Adaptive Optimal Control of Unknown Nonlinear Systems via System Identification


  • Philipp Polterauer: Emission Aware Ecodriving Control
  • Jinwei Zhou: A Methodology for Safety Assessment of Highly Automated Vehicles


  • Florian Reiterer: A CGM Based Adaptive Bolus Calculator for Insulin Dosing in Diabetes
  • Dominik Moser: Predictive Vehicle Control for Stochastic Risk Constrained Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Roman Schmied: Mixed H2/H∞ and Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Zhen Zhang: Fast measurement and estimation of transient soot emission from a production Diesel engine


  • Stephan Stadlbauer: SCR Aftertreatment control based on a Grey Box Virtual Sensor Approach
  • Thomas Schwarzgruber: On the Approximation of the Solution of Optimal Control Problems of Nonlinear Systems
  • Klaus Oppenauer: Grey-Box Modellierung und Analyse des dieselmotorischen Arbeitsprozesses und der Schadstoffbildung


  • Thomas Passenbrunner: Nonlinear Optimal Control of Internal Combustion Engine Test Benches
  • Hannes Trogmann: Approximation of Time Optimal Control for Unknown Nonlinear Systems by Learning
  • Harald Siegfried Waschl: A tailored framework for engine oriented MPC


  • Helmut Kokal: Feed forward disturbance rejection by a multiple FIFO approach for varying system delay compensation


  • Hajrudin Efendic: Model-on-Demand Algorithm for Fault Isolation in Complex Technical Systems
  • Harald Kirchsteiger: Robust Model-Based Control of Blood Glucose Concentration in Type 1 Diabetic Patients


  • Giovanna Castillo Estrada: Identification of Glucose Dynamic in Type 1 Diabetes Patients using Multiple Daily Injections Therapy
  • Markus Hirsch: Identification of a Virtual Sensor Model for Diesel Engine Emissions by Means of Optimal Input Design
  • Michael Naderhirn: A Solution for the Sense and Avoid Problem


  • Martin Bruckner: Optimal and Adaptive Anit-Windup Design in the Presence of Uncertainty


  • Daniel Alberer: Fast Oxygen Based Transient Diesel Engine Control
  • Peter Ortner: Nonlinear Control for a Class of Non-Control Affine Systems


  • Stephan Winkler: Evolutionary System Identification - Modern Concepts and Practical Applications


  • Christian Furtmüller: Modelling and Adaptive Feedforward Control in Continuous Casting
  • Peter Langthaler: Model Predictive Control of a Diesel Engine Airpath
  • Klaus Pourvoyeur: Position Estimation, Tracking, and Sensor Fusion of the local position measurement system LPM


  • Engelbert Grünbacher: Robust Inverse Control of a Class of Nonlinear Systems
  • Xiukun Wei: Advanced LPV Techniques for Diesel Engines


  • Andreas Schrempf: Identification of Extended State-Affine Systems



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