A Topology Based Virtual Co-Driver for Country Roads

IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2022
Author(s):Adelberger D., Singer G., Del Re L.
Safety is a driving force behind the continuous improvement and spread of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). For their operation, ADAS rely on sensor information which is available within a limited range, and vehicle-toeverything (V2X) communication is expected to extend virtually this range, at least as far as the traffic interaction is considered. For highway operation, traffic interactions are indeed the most important risk factor for crashes. However, for country roads, more deaths result from loss of control and collisions with static obstacles than from traffic interactions. Against this background, this paper suggests a virtual co-driver (VCD) which can correct actions of the driver if they present a potential risk, e.g., an emergency reaction (brake or escape) would not be possible anymore. The method is tested in simulation over a set of actual runs on a countryside road, and it is shown that the VCD is of relevance, both for human drivers as well as for a controlled vehicle.
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