Benefits and Limitations of MARD as a Performance Parameter for Continuous Glucose Monitoring in the Interstitial Space

in Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, pp. 1-16, 2019
Author(s):Heinemann L., Schoemaker M., Schmelzeisen-Redeker G., Hinzmann R., Kassab A., Freckmann G., Reiterer F., Del Re L.
High-quality performance of medical devices for glucose monitoring is important for a safe and efficient usage of this diagnostic option by patients with diabetes. The mean absolute relative difference (MARD) parameter is used most often to characterize the measurement performance of systems for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). Calculation of this parameter is relatively easy and comparison of the MARD numbers between different CGM systems appears to be straightforward on the first glance. However, a closer look reveals that a number of complex aspects make interpretation of the MARD numbers provided by the manufacturer for their CGM systems difficult. In this review, these aspects are discussed and considerations are made for a systematic and appropriate evaluation of the MARD in clinical trials. The MARD should not be used as the sole parameter to characterize CGM systems, especially when it comes to nonadjunctive usage of such systems.
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