Emission constrained fuel optimal vehicle control with route lookahead

The 2018 American Control Conference, pp. 5510-5515, 2018
Author(s):Polterauer P., Del Re L.
"In recent years emissions related to transportation have been in the focus of a lot of research and various legislation changes. Especially CI engines were found to show substantial differences between certification values and measured on-road emission. Motivated by that we study if automated longitudinal control can help improving emission compliance. Therefore within this work a fuel optimal longitudinal vehicle control, which allows emission consideration, is developed. The potential of optimal vehicle control is investigated, and it is shown that the sole focus on fuel efficiency is not always desirable. The method presented relies on information of the future road grade and considers comfort oriented limits to avoid unrealistic and uncomfortable trajectories. A lot of work on optimal vehicle control focuses solely on fuel efficiency, however we show that not considering emissions when planing vehicle trajectories can lead to different speed profiles and undesired excess emissions."
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