Mixed H2/H-inf and Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control

Author(s):Schmied R.
On the way to autonomous driving, advanced driver assistant systems (ADAS) and automated driving function (ADF) represent essential parts of the puzzle. Their objective is to improve safety and driving comfort by assisting the human driver. Automated control systems regulate parts of driving functions, advisory and warning systems preserve the driver from potential accidents or relieve him from tedious tasks during monotonous driving events. Some of these functions like adaptive cruise control (ACC) systems taking over longitudinal vehicle control have already been successfully implemented in standard production vehicles. Nevertheless, ADAS still provide a wide area of research and development for further improvements. Recent investigations have demonstrated that ACC contains a lot of potential for increasing driving comfort and economy by applying anticipatory control actions. Moreover, modern communications technologies allowing information exchange between vehicles offer the investigation of advanced control design concept which provide a great positive effect on traffic flow characteristics like traffic flow stability.
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