Direct data-driven control of linear time-delay systems

in Wiley, in Asian Journal of Control, vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 652?663, 2011
Author(s):Formentin S., Corno M., Savaresi S., Del Re L.
This paper presents an extension of the Virtual Reference Feedback Tuning (VRFT) methodology dedicated to linear time-delay systems with known delay and unknown dynamics. The standard VRFT is not well suited for systems with dominant time-delay as it yields high order controllers. The proposed direct approach, relying on a Smith Predictor structure, guarantees the same level of performance as the standard VRFT but with lower order controllers. The joint direct data-driven design of the controller and the predictor is facilitated by the introduction of an ad-hoc optimization initialization. Effectiveness and robustness to uncertainty in the time-delay estimation are shown in a vehicle dynamics control problem.
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