Mold level control of a continuous casting plant by switching control strategies

Proceedings of the 8th IFAC Symposium on Nonlinear Control Systems, 2010
Author(s):Passenbrunner T., Ortner P., Colaneri P., del Re L.
In continuous casting plants especially at higher casting speeds dynamic bulging, a variation of the magnitude and/or the shape of the bulges, may occur and lead to a fluctuation of the height of molten steel with serious consequences in terms of quality and damage. A steady growth of these fluctuations is called mold level hunting. Presently both phenomena are met with a reduction of the casting speed. This paper proposes a method based on switching control strategies, in particular the method of dynamic output feedback control and the average dwell time approach, to keep the process stable and to increase the throughput of such plants. Simulations with models of different complexity show a productivity increase of around 20 %.
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