MIMO - Anti-Windup Compensator for Magnitude, Rate Saturated Actuators Including Dead Time

Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics, 2008
Author(s):Bruckner M., Grünbacher E., del Re L.
In this paper we discuss the application of a H-inf-controller with integral action in combination with a model based anti-windup-compensator (AWC). The AWC is added to ensure local stability and tries to minimize the decrease in performance in the presence of actuator saturation. Simulation tests on a magnitude and rate saturated combustion engine test-bench including dead-time showed that the tuning of an anti-windup compensator can improve the performance of the closed loop system if the system gets saturated. Therefore an existing anti-windup structure for rate saturation is extended to a combination of magnitude and rate saturation. The problem of directionality in MIMO (multi-inputmulti-output) systems and the influence of the anti-windup compensator on it, is presented on a test bench simulation example.
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