Robust Approximate Tracking of Matched Disturbance Non – Control Affine Systems

to appear at: IFAC Workshop on Control Applications of Optimisation, series Control Applications of Optimization, vol. 7, no. 1, 2009
Author(s):Ortner P., Grünbacher E., del Re L.
In this paper we discuss the problem of trajectory tracking of non control affine nonlinear systems. The main idea is to approximate the non control affine system by a special class of nonlinear systems, the so called extended Hammerstein systems (EHS). The control affine dynamic part of the EHS is computed such that an optimal control problem and therefore the robustifying feedback part of the tracking controller is already solved in the transformation process. Therefore no positive definite solution of the HJE needs to be computed since it gets a design parameter. The resulting system is then controlled by a trajectory tracking algorithm which ensures robustness against input disturbances and system uncertainties as well. A simulation example shows the efficiency of the proposed method.
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