Quality Pre-Assesment in Steel Industry Using Data Based Estimators

S. Cierpisz, K. Miskiewicz, A. Heyduk (ed.), Proceedings of the IFAC Workshop MMM’2006 on Automation in Mining, Mineral and Metal Industry., 2006
Author(s):Winkler S., Efendic H., del Re L.
In this paper we present a comprehensive framework enabling data based quality pre-assessment for the quality of metallurgical products, and report on the main experiences gained in cooperation with an industrial partner. The proposed approach is based on a sequential structure including data pre-processing to obtain a well-conditioned problem as well as nonlinear modelling approaches to determine dependencies. As we document here, this approach works correctly for approximately 90% of the cases, but hints are given on which essential modifications (associated with the problem setup) should be taken to re-formulate the problem in order to increase its performance.
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