Stability Control by Advanced Full-Braking Systems of 2-wheel Motorbike Vehicles

Author(s):Hirsch M.
Motorcycle riding, to cope with the continuously increasing traffic in urban area or simply to enjoy the freedom on two wheels, is becoming more and more popular in Europe. Stability control of these vehicles during braking is extremely critical, and so the lack of such control represents a major obstacle for the diffusion of single-track vehicles, as well as a substantial safety problem. To overcome this lack of safety, alternative concepts for a curve-safe brake control of 2-wheel vehicles are investigated. The main object of this diploma thesis is to build up a controller which guarantees safety during braking, based on an estimator for the roll angle of single-track vehicles (motorbikes and scooters). Different strategies for this estimator are treated and tested in reality. The dimensioning of the brake controller, which is based on ABS-control-strategies of four-wheel vehicles, is done on a software simulator. The proper behaviour of this simulator is of essential importance for the controller development and design. To ensure the right behaviour of this simulator validations are done.
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