Optimal Energy Management for Mild Hybrid Operation of Vehicles with an Integrated Starter Generator

2005 SAE World Congress, no. 2005-01-0280, 2005
Author(s):Steinmaurer G., del Re L.
The proposed vehicle structure with an integratedstarter- generator (ISG) and the possible change of the net voltage offers substantial opportunities for energy and thus fuel saving at several levels or increased dynamical performance. However, the arrangement of two power sources - combustion engine and the ISG - brings more complexity in the system and makes it necessary to control the power flow of both sources, which has to be done by an energy management system. This paper describes possible changes in the powertrain setting and a systematic approach for the design of an energy management system without using heuristic design rules. Measurement results on a dynamical test bench for the FTP-75 emission test cycle confirm the increased fuel economy and an adequate battery charge level.
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